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Mon – Sat: 11 AM – 5PM

Open Hours Mon – Sat: 11 AM – 5PM

Consign With Us: Earn Money By Consigning Your PreLoved Luxury Items

FlipBack Consignment

At FlipBack, we believe in giving beautiful, high-quality fashion items a second life. Consigning your pre-loved luxury and high-end pieces with us is not just about refreshing your wardrobe—it’s about making a positive impact on the planet and joining a community of fashion-forward thinkers.

Ready to start? Here’s how:


Step 1: Review Our Criteria

Before you bring in your items, please ensure they meet our criteria:

  • Items must be from luxury brands or high-quality contemporary labels (e.g., Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes, Free People, LuluLemon).
  • Items should be in excellent condition, free of any wear and tear, stains, or odors.
  • All items must have been purchased within the last five years.

Step 2: No Appointment Necessary

There’s no need to schedule an appointment. Bring up to 20 eligible items to FlipBack during our business hours. Our knowledgeable staff will be ready to assist you.


Step 3: Item Evaluation

Our team will evaluate your items based on brand, condition, and current fashion trends. We strive for a transparent consignment process, explaining our selection criteria and potential resale value.


Step 4: Consignment Agreement

Once your items are accepted, we’ll provide you with a consignment contract outlining the terms, including pricing, consignment period, and payout details. We aim for transparency and fairness in every consignment deal.  Additionally, FlipBack is committed to making a positive impact in our community. Should you decide not to reclaim any of your consigned items at the end of the consignment period, we are honored to donate these pieces to a deserving CADV charity. It’s a meaningful way for both FlipBack and our consignors to give back and support those in need.


Step 5: Sit Back and Earn

After your items are priced and displayed, you’ll start earning as they sell. FlipBack offers competitive consignment rates and prompt payouts, making it easy for you to earn from your pre-loved fashion.

Why Consign With FlipBack?

  • Sustainable Fashion: Extend the lifecycle of luxury items, contributing to a more sustainable fashion ecosystem.
  • Competitive Earnings: Enjoy attractive consignment rates and see your items find new homes.
  • Hassle-Free Process: With no appointment needed and a clear consignment agreement, we make it easy for you.

FAQs About Consigning

Got more questions? Our FAQs section covers everything from item eligibility to payout details. Or, feel free to contact us directly—we’re here to help.

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Consignment Guidelines

Due to downsizing of space we can no longer take more than 20 items per drop (unless pre-authorized by FlipBack). 
No Appointment Needed (you may be asked to wait or come back to the shop if we are unable to do an immediate sort).

Select Labels - We are selective

  • We only accept items that move fast to keep inventory fresh.
  • Boutique, Contemporary, Luxury & High-End Dept. Store Brands ONLY! (No Discount Store Brands)

Items Accepted

New & pre-owned upscale items that meet our quality standards.

  • Pristine and excellent condition.
  • Styles no older than 3 years.
  • Shoes must be in perfect condition. No scuff marks or worn heels.
  • Items must be clean and neatly folded
    (will not accept items thrown in a trash bag) Each piece brought into us must be thoughtfully selected.
  • Upscale Costume Jewelry (each piece must be in separate ziplock bag).
    Watches must have a working battery.
  • In Season Items only
    Spring/Summer – Feb-July
    Fall/Winter – Aug-Jan

Items Not Accepted

  • No replicas or Knock-offs
  • Wedding Gowns 
  • Undergarments 
  • Lingerie 
  • Dress Pants or Skirts 
  • Business Attire 
  • Out of Season 
  • Discount Retail Brands 
  • Stained or Smoke Odors 
  • No more than 20 items per drop ( unless authorized by FlipBack)

Consignor Commission Rates

  • Consignment period is 60 days.
  • Items priced by FlipBack & subject to markdowns at FllpBack’s discretion.
  • Consigners will receive 40% (once sold) for items priced under $500 or 50% if used for store credit.
  • Consigners will receive 50% (once sold) for items priced over $500 or 50% if used for store credit.
  • See consigning contract for more details.
Ready to refresh your wardrobe and make a positive impact?
Bring your pre-loved luxury items to FlipBack today and let’s create a more sustainable fashion future together.